Marine Biology

  • Invertebrates: crustaceans, cephalopods, shelled molluscs, polychaetes (J.H. Day collection) and  hydroids
  • Vertebrates: bony and cartilaginous fish (mesopelagic fish, Prince Edward Islands, Melville Ridge, fish osteology, cartilaginous fish and skeletal element collections) and marine mammals.

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  • Entomology: insects, arachnids and myriapods
  • Terrestrial molluscs: terrestrial and freshwater species.
  • See also: Marine Invertebrates

Terrestrial Vertebrates

  • Mammals: study skins and osteological collections of mainly southern African species
  • Birds: study skins, eggs and osteological collections of mainly southern African species
  • Reptiles & Amphibians:  wet collection of mainly southern African species
  • Freshwater Fish: on loan to the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity.

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Cenozoic Palaeontology

  • Pleistocene fossils: fossil and sub-fossil terrestrial, marine and freshwater vertebrates and invertebrates including the Elandsfontein, Duinefontein, Upper Pleistocene and Taphonomy collections
  • Miocene and Pliocene fossils: includes the Langebaanweg and Miocene Whale collections.

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Karoo Palaeontology

  • Middle Devonian fossils: material from the Bokkeveld Group including bivalves, brachiopods, crynoids and trilobites, with a few sponges and bryozoans
  • Late Carbonifereous fossils: palaeoniscud and acanthodian fishes from the Witteberg Group.
  • Permian to early Jurassic fossils: vertebrates, mainly synapsid reptiles, from the main Karoo Basin; trace fossil collection (mainly invertebrate but also vertebrate), Baxter-Brown fossil pant collection (Early Triassic material from the Molteno Formation).

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Invertebrate Palaeontology

  • Cretaceous fossils: several thousand ammonite specimens
  • Cretaceous to Recent micro fossils: marine and freshwater Ostracoda, Crustacea and Foraminifera
  • Middle Devonian fossils: bivalves, brachiopods, crynoids,  trilobites and sponges
  • Permian to early Jurassic fossils: Trace Fossil Collection of mainly arthropod trackways from the Lower Ecca varved shales (Early Permian).

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Rocks & Minerals

  • Rocks and minerals: some 10 000 specimens
  • Meteorites: iron and stony (chondrite) meteorites and a rare carbonaceous chondrite.

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