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Education is one of the main themes of the Museum. This covers the early Stucki and Groenberg farm-schools - the foundation of the Huguenot Seminary (1875) and the Huguenot University College with its many offshoots and the present Boland College of education, the Huguenot College and the many schools of Wellington.

Andrew Murray

A substantial part of the Museum is dedicated to Andrew Murray and his vision for education in South Africa.


His far sighted and pioneering approach to higher Christian education for girls, based on the Mount Holyoke principle of head and hand and heart, made him immortal. His vision for providing tertiary education for girls laid the foundation for many schools throughout the Boland and the Eastern Cape. Through his influence Wellington became a well-known centre for education in South Africa. His vision for winning Africa for Christ also led him beyond the borders of Wellington. Missionaries from Wellington penetrated into the heart of Africa.

He was the minister at the Dutch Reformed Church of Welllington from 1871 to 1906, and lived here until his death in 1917.

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