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The Wellington Museum was founded in the early seventies by a group of dedicated residents to preserve the history of the town and its surrounding district.

The town Wellington was proclaimed in 1840 on the farm Champagne. Part of the farmland was used for the church which was consecrated in 1840, with Reverend AF du Toit as the first minister.

The rest of the land was subdivided into plots which became the nucleus of the town.

First Inhabitants

Human occupation dates back to Stone Age groups like the Khoikhoi and the San, to the settlement of Free Burghers and Huguenot refugees.

The first European settlers were mainly French Huguenots who arrived in the valley as early as 1688. Simon van der Stel, governor of the Cape Colony, granted them farms to meet the growing need for agriculture and to provide a buffer against the Khoi and San. These were early pioneering farmers settling on the furthermost outposts of the Colony. They gave the valley its most appropriate name: Limiet (Limit ) Valley.

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