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The French Huguenots came from the wine regions of France and therefore had a marked influence on the development of viticulture in the Valley.

Vine Cuttings:

Wellington is famous for the cultivation of vine cuttings. This industry provides 90 - 95% of Southern Africa's total production -- about 35 million cuttings per annum.


Mossop-Western Leathers was founded by Mr JH Coaton in 1871 on his farm Olyvenhout John Henry Coaten, Western Tanning and Boot Companyon the outskirts of Wellington. The company was originally named "The Western Tanning and Boot Company." The tannery is the second oldest in the country and still situated on the same spot.

Dried Fruit:

Wellington is renowned for its dried fruit -samples of which are on display in the museum. The South African Dried Fruit Corporation (SAD) who has sponsored the display has its head office in Wellington.

Industries from the Past:



Industries from the Present:

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